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In January 2017, Rémi Decker has started a new series of online tutorials devoted to 16 inch, half closed fingering G bagpipe. The first season was about basic techniques: a reference for beginners and a source of inspiration for more advenced bagpipers.

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English Subtitles:

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6 craziest ways to play one single tune!

click PLAY and the videos will follow each other.

Download partition: Il est bien Temps

How to play twice the same note on the bagpipe?

3 techniques: click PLAY and the 3 videos will follow each other

Download score: Au Clair de la Lune

How to play a vibrato on the bagpipe?

3 videos to play a good vibrato on the bagpipe: the ATTACK, the VIBRATO and the VIBRATTACK. Click PLAY and the 3 videos will follow each other automatically.

Download score: Avant de s'en Aller

Rappels and picotages: the bagpipe staccato!

Download score: Le Rossignol

The ROLL: a kind of triple jump!

Download score: Maclotte de Steinbach


Download score: La Grande Ourse

LAST but not LEAST:

DOWLOAD HERE 50 bagpipe tunes with scores, ornementations and slow recordings: AUDIO LESSONS PACKAGE (zip)

Fingering chart for G-bagpipes: click here



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